Recent meetings

Meetings organized by G-NEXID are as follows:

Statutory meetings

  • General Assembly
  • Steering Committee

These meetings are generally followed by intra-G-NEXID dialogues, workshops, and participation in international conferences. They can also take place as part of the Exchange Programmes.

The recent meetings of the Annual General Assembly were as follows:

18th Annual General Assembly, Geneva, 6-7 July 2023

17th Annual General Assembly, Online, 7-8 December 2022

16th Annual General Assembly, Online, 10-11 November 2021

15th Annual General Assembly, Online, 23-24 September 2020

14th Annual General Assembly, Geneva, 25-27 June 2019

Dialogues, workshops, and seminars

Dialogues and webinars on thematic topics constitute opportunities for information exchange, sharing of best practices and capacity building.


Workshop on “North-South and triangular partnerships with Southern DFIs: Addressing funding gaps in developing economies in support of the SDGs”, 6 July 2023

Roundtable on “Global and regional economic situations and prospects“, 6 July 2023

Workshop on “the Global System of Trade Preferences (GSTP)”, 6 July 2023

Webinar on “Addressing logistics infrastructure barriers in support of the AfCFTA: the role of African DFIs”, 30 March 2023


Webinar on “Digital solutions to fraud in trade finance”, 12 January 2022

8th UNCTAD Trade Policy Dialogue – Trade Finance under COVID-19: Experience of Development Banks, Export-Import Banks and Export Credit Insurers in Developing Countries – co-organised with UNCTAD and UNDESA, 18 January 2022

2022 ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development G-NEXID/UNCTAD Side Event, Innovative financing in support of the SDGs and trade as an engine for inclusive sustainable growth: The role of development banks, 26 April 2022

Webinar on “What’s next for MSMEs in the post-COVID-19 era? Strategies adopted by DFIs for picking up the pieces for sustainable growth”, 4 July 2022

Dialogue on “Reinforcing collaboration in a multi-crisis context”, 7 December 2022

Dialogues with the Export-Import Bank of Trinidad & Tobago Limited and SERV, 8 December 2022


Dialogue on “The COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath”, 1 April 2021

Webinar on “Improving access to trade finance for SMEs through transactional connectivity”, 28 April 2021

Webinar on “Green Sukuk and resource mobilisation for sustainable infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa”, 13 September 2021

Webinar on “PPPs in transport infrastructure and logistics: recent developments and & role of development banks/ finance institutions, 11 November 2021

Webinar on “LIBOR transition: the roadmap, milestones and experience sharing”, 24 November 2021

Webinar on “Frauds in trade finance: recent cases and toolbox for preventing intentionally deceptive actions”, 7 December 2021


Dialogues on “The COVID-19 Crisis and its Aftermath”, 23 April 23 June, 23 September 2020

Webinar on “Webinar on ‘Fintech solutions for DFIs in the post-COVID-19 era”, 24 September 2020

Webinar on “Impact investment in the COVID-19 era and its aftermath; key issues for DFIs”, 24 November 2020

Webinar on “The AfCFTA and South-South Trade”, 9 December 2020