Indonesia Eximbank

Established in 2009, Indonesia Eximbank is a financial institution under the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Its main objective is to boost national export growth and to assist exporters in expanding their business capacity.


To become an Eximbank that is credible and excels in promoting national export with high competitiveness on the global level.


  • To encourage the sustainability of conducive business climate for the sustainable growth of national export;
  • To provide national export financing services and advisory services as the solution to the needs of Indonesian export, and;
  • To improve the ability of business perpetrators, including small and medium enterprises, to produce superior and competitive export-oriented products. 

Tasks and functions

  • Supporting national export programs through export financing;
  • Providing financing for transactions or projects that are not viable for commercial banking, but are considered prospective to boost national export;
  • Assisting banks and financial institutions in overcoming any difficulties in extending funding for exporters deemed as commercially promising and/or essential for Indonesian economic growth.

Indonesia Eximbank may conduct training and offer consultation services to banks, financial institutions, exporters and producers of export goods, specifically micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises, as well as consumer cooperatives. Other than the services mentioned, Indonesia Eximbank is authorized to conduct programs that supplement their duties and authorities, provided that these programs are not in conflict with the institution’s legal basis, Law No. 2 Year 2009.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the sole organ of Indonesia Eximbank. They are tasked with formulating and establishing policies, in addition to overseeing all of Indonesia Eximbank’s operational activities, which are conducted by the Executive Director. 

Shareholders Composition

Indonesia Eximbank is fully owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

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