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Incorporated by virtue of Law Number 2/2009, Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia (LPEI) or Indonesia Eximbank is a Financial Institution that provides National Export Financing in the form of Financing, Security, Insurance and Consultation Services.

National Export Financing is provided by Indonesia Eximbank for the business entities having the form of a legal entity, including individuals domiciled within and outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. The purposes of providing the national export financing is to accelerate Indonesia’s foreign trade growth and increase competitiveness of the business agents and support the government policies in the framework of encouraging the national export program.

One of the efforts of Indonesia Eximbank to cover the needs of the business agents all over Indonesia, currently Indonesia Eximbank has 6 (six) office networks that consist of 1 (one) Head Office located in Jakarta, 4 (four) Regional Offices, namely in Medan, Surabaya, Surakarta, and Makassar and 1 (one) Marketing Office in Balikpapan.



Becoming the Eximbank that is superior and credible to encourage the national export that is highly competitive at the global level.



  • Encouraging the sustainability of the conducive business atmosphere for the sustainable national export growth,
  • Providing financing services for national export and quality consultation services as a solution to Indonesia’s export needs, and
  • Increasing the capacity of the business agents, including small and medium businesses, to produce export-oriented, superior and highly competitive products.



Supporting the national export program through the National Export Financing



  • Providing the assistance in the framework of export in the form of financing in the framework of producing goods and services and/or other businesses that support exports.
  • Providing financing for the transactions or projects that cannot be financed by the banks but have the prospects (non-bankable but feasible) to increase the national exports; and
  • Helping cope with the obstacles faced by the banks or the financial institutions in providing financing for the exporters who are commercially potential and/or important in Indonesia’s economic development, Security and Insurance for development.



  • Establishing the National Export Financing scheme;
  • Restructuring the National Export Financing;
  • Reinsuring the insurance that has been conducted; and
  • Carrying out the capital participation at the approval of the Minister.


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