Dialogues with the Export-Import Bank of Trinidad & Tobago Limited and SERV

In the context of the 17th Annual General Assembly, held online on 6-7 December 2022, G-NEXID Members held dialogues with the Export Credit Agencies from Switzerland and Trinidad & Tobago.

Dialogue with the Export-Import Bank of Trinidad & Tobago

Established in 1997 as the official ECA of Trinidad & Tobago from the Export Credit Insurance Company (1973), the Export-Import Bank of Trinidad & Tobago presents itself as “the preferred option of Export Financing with a core focus on developing the export potential of Trinidad and Tobago as mechanism to diversify the economy and increase non-energy foreign exchange earnings”.

EXIMBANK powers exports to develop and expand Trinidad & Tobago’s export capacity through types of

  • Transaction based solutions
  • Credit-based solutions – loan facilities
  • Catalytic Finance Fund – New Product Offering
  • Technical assistance to strengthen credit processes and policies

Dialogue with SERV

As an Export Credit Agency (ECA), Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV facilitates the conclusion of export transactions by means of its insurance and guarantees, ensures the international competitiveness of the Swiss export economy and contributes to creating and preserving jobs in Switzerland.

Against this background, considering Switzerland’s infrastructure sector, the presentation focused on SERV’s role in insuring infrastructure projects in the buyer markets.

The detailed report is presented in the Yearbook for 2022.