About DFIs: Unlocking Development through Financial Empowerment

DFIs, or Development Finance Institutions, play a pivotal role in fostering economic growth and development by providing specialized financial services. As public development banks, DFIs are uniquely positioned to channel funds into projects that contribute to the overall development of a nation.

Key Functions of a DFI

  1. Project Financing: DFIs specialize in financing large-scale infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges, power plants, and other critical initiatives. By providing long-term loans and capital, DFIs enable the execution of projects that might be financially unfeasible for conventional banks.
  2. Risk Mitigation: DFIs actively engage in risk mitigation strategies. They are willing to take on higher levels of risk than traditional banks, supporting projects that may face uncertainties in their initial phases. This risk appetite is essential for catalyzing investments in sectors crucial for development.
  3. Promoting Sustainable Development: DFIs are increasingly focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly projects. By supporting initiatives that adhere to eco-friendly practices, these institutions contribute to the global push for a more sustainable and resilient future.
  4. Sectoral Expertise: DFIs often possess specialized knowledge in specific sectors such as agriculture, education, healthcare, and technology. This expertise allows them to assess projects more comprehensively and tailor financial solutions that align with the unique challenges of each sector.
  5. Capacity Building: In addition to financial support, DFIs often play a role in capacity building. They may provide technical assistance, training, and expertise to enhance the capabilities of local businesses and organizations, further contributing to sustainable development.

Operating Mechanisms of DFIs

  1. Capital Mobilization: DFI raise funds from various sources, including government capital, multilateral institutions, and private investors. This capital is then deployed strategically to support projects aligned with the institution’s development objectives.
  2. Loan Disbursement: DFIs disburse loans for development projects, emphasizing long-term investment rather than short-term gains. The repayment terms are structured to accommodate the project’s cash flow, promoting sustainability and success.
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation: Rigorous monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are in place to ensure that funds are utilized efficiently and effectively. DFIs actively track the progress of supported projects, making adjustments as needed to optimize outcomes.
  4. Collaboration: DFIs often collaborate with various stakeholders, including governments, private enterprises, and non-profit organizations. This collaborative approach enhances the impact of their investments and fosters a holistic approach to development.

In conclusion, DFIs play a crucial role in shaping the economic landscape of a nation by supporting projects that drive sustainable development. While some of DFIs finance short term transactions (including similar operations of EXIM Banks), their focus on long-term, high-impact initiatives distinguishes them from traditional financial institutions, making them key players in the pursuit of a more prosperous and resilient future.

List of DFIs

List from the first database on Public Development Banks (PDBs) based on the following mandates:

  • Flexible (official mandates are not confined to a specific mission)
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure
  • Social housing
  • International financing of private sector development
  • Local governement
  • Micro, small, and medium-sized entreprises (MSMEs)

Xu, Jiajun, Régis Marodon, Xinshun Ru, Xiaomeng Ren, and Xinyue Wu. 2021. “What are Public Development Banks and Development Financing Institutions?——Qualification Criteria, Stylized Facts and Development Trends.”China Economic Quarterly International, volume 1, issue 4: 271-294. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ceqi.2021.10.001

National institutions (including as part of groups with other entities)

  1. Afghanistan – Agriculture Development Fund (ADF)
  2. Albania – Albanian Development Fund (ADF)
  3. Algeria – National Investment Fund (FNI)
  4. Angola – Development Bank of Angola (BDA)
  5. Antigua and Barbuda – Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank (ABDB)
  6. Argentina – Investment and Foreign Trade Bank (BICE)
  7. Argentina – Buenos Aires Guarantees Fund (FOGABA)
  8. Armenia – Development and Investment Corporation of Armenia (DICA)
  9. Australia – Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)
  10. Austria – OeKB Group
    1. OeEB (development bank)
    2. Acredia (export services)
    3. CCP Austria (capital market services)
    4. OeKB CSD (capital market services)
    5. OeHT (tourism services)
  11. Austria – Austrian Promotion Bank (AWS)
  12. Austria – NÖBEG
  13. Azerbaidjan – Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MCGF)
  14. Bahamas – Bahamas Development Bank (BDB)
  15. Bahrein – Bahrein Development Bank (BDB)
  16. Bangladesh – Bangladesh Development Bank Plc (BDBL)
  17. Bangladesh – Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL)
  18. Bangladesh – Saudi Bangladesh Industrial & Agricultural Investment Bank (SABINCO)
  19. Bangladesh – Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation (BHBC)
  20. Belarus – Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus (BRRB)
  21. Belgium – Belgium Corporation for International Investment (BMI-SBI)
  22. Belgium – Belgium Investment Company for Developing Countries (BIO)
  23. Belgium – Wallon SME financing and guarantee company (Sowalfin)
  24. Belgium – Venture Capital Flanders (PMV)
  25. Belgium – The Federal Holding and Investment Company (SFPIM)
  26. Belize – Belize Marketing and Development Corporation (MBDC)
  27. Belize – Development Finance Corporation (DFC)
  28. Benin – Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Benin (CDC Benin)
  29. Bolivia – Productive Development Bank (BDP – S.A.M.)
  30. Bosnia Herzegovina – Development Bank of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  31. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Republic of Srpska Investment-Development Bank (IRBRS)
  32. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Gurantee Fund of the Republic of Srpska (GFRS)
  33. Botswana – Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA)
  34. Botswana – National Development Bank (NDB)
  35. Botswana – Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) ???
  36. Botswana – Botswana Development Corporation (BDC)
  37. Brazil – The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)
  38. Brazil – Bank of Northeast Brazil (BNB)
  39. Brazil – Far South Regional Development Bank (BRDE)
  40. Brazil – Bank of the State of Para (Banpará)
  41. Brazil – Development Bank of Minas Gerais S.A.
  42. Brazil – Desenvolve SP – Agencia de Fomento de Estado de Sao Paulo S.A. (Desenvolve SP)
  43. Brazil – Promotion Agency of Parana S.A.a (Fomento Parana)
  44. Brazil – Development Agency of Santa Catariina (Badesc)
  45. Brazil – Goais Development Agency (Goias Fomento)
  46. Brazil – Amazonas State Development Agency S/A (AFEAM)
  47. Brazil – Agéncia de Fomento do Rio Grande do Norte (AGN)
  48. Bulgaria – Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB-AD)
  49. Burkina Faso – Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Burkina Faso (CDC-BF)
  50. Burkina Faso – Agricultural Bank of Faso (BADF)
  51. Burundi – National Bank for Economic Development (BNDE)
  52. Burundi – Urban Housing Promotion Fund (FPHU)
  53. Cameroon – Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations of Cameroon (CDEC)
  54. Cameroon – National Investment Company (SNI)
  55. Canada – Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
  56. Canada – Development Finance Institute Canada (DFIC) Inc. (FinDev Canada)
  57. Canada – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
  58. Canada – Deposit and Investment Fund of Quebec (CDPQ)
  59. Chile – Corporation for the Development of Production (CORFO)
  60. China – Agricultural Development Bank of China (ADBC)
  61. China – China Development Bank (CDB)
  62. China – Silk Road Fund (SRF)
  63. China – Hong Kong Mortage Corporation (HKMC)
  64. Colombia – National Development Finance (FDN)
  65. Colombia – Fund for the Financing of the Agricultural Sector (FINAGRO)
  66. Colombia- Territorial Development Finance of Columbia (FINDETER)
  67. Colombia – Institute for the Development of Antioquia (IDEA)
  68. Cook Islands – Bank of the Cook Islands (BCook)
  69. Costa Rica – Foundation for Sustainable Development (Fundecooperación)
  70. Côte d’Ivoire – Caisse de Dépôt et Consignations de Côte d’Ivoire (CDC-CI)
  71. Côte d’Ivoire – National Investment Bank (BNI)
  72. Croatia – Croatian Agency for MSMEs Innovations and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO)
  73. Croatia – Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR)
  74. Croatia – Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (CMZRB)
  75. Curaçao – Sustainable Development Corporation of Curaçao (KORPODEKO)
  76. Czech Republic – Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (CMZRB)???
  77. Czech Republic – National Development Bank (NRB)
  78. Denmark – The Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU)
  79. Denmark – KommuneKredit (KKB)
  80. Djibouti – Djibouti Economic Development Fund (FDED)
  81. Dominican Republic – Agricultural Bank of the Dominican Republic (BAGRICOLA)
  82. DR Congo – Development Finance Company (SOFIDE S.A)
  83. DR Congo – Industry Promotion Fund (FPI)
  84. Ecuador – Development Bank of Ecuador B.P. (BDE)
  85. Ecuador – National Finance Corporation (CFN)
  86. Ecuador – National Corporation for Popular and Solidarity Finance (CONAFIPS)
  87. Egypt – The Egyptian Industrial Development and Workers Bank (IDBE)
  88. Egypt – National Investment Bank (NIB)
  89. El Salvador – Multi sectoral Investment Bank (BMI)
  90. El Salvador- El Salvadorian Development Fund (CORSAIN)
  91. El Salvador – Development Bank of El Salvador (BANDESAL)
  92. El Salvador – Agricultural Development Bank (BFA)
  93. El Salvador National Fund for Popular Housing (FONAVIPO)
  94. Equatorial Guinea – Caja Autónoma de Amortización de la Deuda Pública (CDC-GE)
  95. Eritrea – Eritrean Investment and Development Bank (EIDB)
  96. Estonia – Kredex Estonia
  97. Eswatini – Eswatini Housing Board (SNGB)
  98. Eswatini – Eswatini National Industrial Development Company (ENIDC)
  99. Eswatini – Eswatini Development Finance Corporation (Fincorp)
  100. Eswatini – Eswatini Housing Board (SNHB)
  101. Eswatini – The Industrial Development Company of Eswatini (IDCE)
  102. Ethiopia – Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE)
  103. Fiji – Fiji Development Bank (FDB)
  104. Finland – Municipality Finance Plc (Munifin)
  105. Finland – Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd (FINNFUND)
  106. France – Promotion and Participation Company for Financinal Development (Proparco, AFD Group)
  107. France – French Deposits and Consignment Fund Group (CDCFrance)
  108. France – Local Investment Finance Company (SFIL)
  109. France – STOA INFRA&ENERGY (STOA)
  110. France – Agence France Locale
  111. France – Public Investment Bank (BPI)
  112. France – Caisse de Garantie du Logement Locatif Social (CGLLS)
  113. France – Corsica Developmetn Fund
  114. France (French Polynersia) – SOCREDO Bank (SOCREDO)
  115. Gabon – Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Gabon (CDCGabon)
  116. Georgia – Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF)
  117. Germany – KfW Group
    1. German Investment and Development Company (DEG)
    2. Credit Company for Reconstruction ((KfW)
    3. KfW Ipex bank – See EXIM Banks
  118. Germany – Agriculture Bank of Germany (RENTENBANK)
  119. Ghana – Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF)
  120. Ghana – Development Bank Ghana (DBG)G-NEXID Member
  121. Greece – Hellenic Development Bank (HDB)
  122. Grenada – Grenada Development Bank (GDB)
  123. Guatemala – National Mortgage Credit (BANCOCHN)
  124. Guinea – National Investment Bank of Guinea (BNIG)
  125. Honduras – National Bank for Agricultural Development (BANADESA)
  126. Honduras – Honduran Bank for Production and Housing (BANHPROVI)
  127. Hungary – Hungarian Development Bank (MFB)
  128. Hungary – Credit Guarantee (GarH)
  129. Iceland . Municipality Credit Iceland (MCI)
  130. India – Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFC)
  131. India – Rural Electrification Corporation (REC)
  132. India – Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI)
  133. India – Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)
  134. India – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
  135. India – National Housing Bank (NHB)
  136. India – The Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited (HUDCO)
  137. India – Kerala Finance Corporation (KFC)
  138. Indonesia – PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (PT SMI)
  139. Indonesia – Madani National Capital (PNM)
  140. Indonesia – PT Credit Guarantee Indonesia (Jamkrinko)
  141. Iran – Bank Maskan – Housing Bank (BMaskan)
  142. Iran – Bank of Industry & Mine (BIM)
  143. Ireland – Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI)
  144. Ireland – Housing Finance Agency Ireland (HFA)
  145. Italy – Deposits and Loans Fund (CDP Development Finance)
  146. Italy – Italian Society for Investment Abroad (SIMEST)
  147. Jamaica – Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ)
  148. Japan – Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)
  149. Japan – Development Bank of Japan (DBJ)
  150. Japan – Japan Finance Corporation (JFC)
  151. Japan – Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF)
  152. Japan – Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  153. Jordan – Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation (JLGP)
  154. Jordan – Cities and Villages Development Bank (CVDB)
  155. Jordan – Jordan Mortgage Refinance Company (JMRC)
  156. Kazakhstan – Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK)
  157. Kazakhstan – Kazagro Holding – Agrarian Credit Corporation (KAZAGRO)
  158. Kenya – Kenya Industrial Estates Fungua Viwanda (KIE)
  159. Kenya – IDB Capital Limited (IDB)
  160. Kenya – Agriculture Finance Corporation (AFC)
  161. Kenya – Tourism Finance Corporation (TFC)
  162. Kenya – Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC)
  163. Kiribati – Development Bank of Kiribati (DBK)
  164. Korea – Korea Housing Finance Corporation
  165. Korea – Korea Development Bank (KDB)
  166. Korea – Korea House Financing Corporation (HF)
  167. Korea – Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC)
  168. Kuwait – Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED)
  169. Latvia – Development Finance Institution Altum (Altum)
  170. Lesotho – Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC)
  171. Lithuania – Investment and business guarantees (INVEGA)
  172. Lithuania – Public Investment Development Agency (VIPA)
  173. Lithuania – UAB Agricultural Loan Guarantee Fund (Garfondas)
  174. Luxembourg – National Credit and Investment Company (SNCI)
  175. Macedonia – Development Bank of North Macedonia (DBNM)
  176. Malaysia – National Mortgage Corporation of Malaysia (Cagamas)
  177. Malaysia – Tekun Nasional (TEKUN)
  178. Malaysia – Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH)
  179. Malaysia – Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad (BPMB)
  180. Malaysia – Small Medium Enterprise Development Bank Malaysia Berhad (MSME Bank)
  181. Malaysia – Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC)
  182. Malaysia – Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV)
  183. Malaysia – Sabah Development Bank (SDB)
  184. Malaysia – Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC)
  185. Malaysia – Borneo Development Corporation (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd (BDC Sabah)
  186. Mali – Guarantee Fund for Private Sector (FGSP)
  187. Mali – National Bank for Agricultural Development (BNDA)
  188. Mali – Mali Mortgage Guarantee Fund (FGHM)
  189. Malta – Malta Development Bank (MDB)
  190. Marshall Islands – Marshall Islands Development Bank (MIDB)
  191. Mauritania – Deposit and Development Fund (CDD)
  192. Mauritius- Development Bank of Mauritius (DBM)
  193. Mexico- Infonavit Mexico (INFONAVIT)
  194. Mexico – National Financiera (NAFIN)
  195. Mexico – National Bank of Public Works and Services (BANOBRAS)
  196. Mexico – FIRA Mexico (FIRA)
  197. Mexico – Federal Mortgage Society (SHF)
  198. Mexico- National Financial for Agricultural, Rural, Forestry and Fisheries Development (FND)
  199. Mexico – Capitalization and Development Fund for the Rural Sector (FOCIR)
  200. Mexico – Bank of Wellbeing (BANSEFI)
  201. Micronesia – Federated States of Micronesia Development Bank (FSMDB)
  202. Mongolia – Microfinance Development Bank (MDB)
  203. Mongolia – Development Bank of Mongolia (DBM)
  204. Montenegro – Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro (IDF)
  205. Morocco – Caisse de Dépôts et de Gestion du Maroc (CDG)
  206. Morocco – CDG Capital
  207. Morocco – Agriculture Credit of Morocco (TEF)
  208. Morocco – Municipal Equipment Fund (FEC)
  209. Morocco – TAMWILCOM
  210. Myanmar- Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank (MADB)
  211. Myanmar – Mineral Development Bank (MDBank)
  212. Namibia – Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF)
  213. Namibia – Development Bank of Namibia (DBN)
  214. Namibia – Agricultural Bank of Namibia (AGRIBANK)
  215. Nepal – Town Development Fund Nepal (TDF)
  216. Nepal – Nepal Infrastructure Bank (NIFRA)
  217. Netherlands – Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO)
  218. Netherlands – Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG)
  219. Netherlands – Municipal Bank of Netherlands (BNG)
  220. Netherlands – The Dutch Water Board Bank (NWB)
  221. New Zealand – New Zealand Growth Capital Partners (NZGCP)
  222. New Zealand – New Zealand Green Investment Finance (NZGIF)
  223. Nicaragua – Production Development Bank (BFP)
  224. Niger – Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations du Niger (CDCNiger)
  225. Nigeria – Bank of Industry (BOI)
  226. Nigeria – The Infrastructure Bank PLC (TIB)
  227. Nigeria – National Economic Reconstruction Fund (Nerfund)
  228. Nigeria – Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN)
  229. Nigeria – Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FBMB)
  230. Nigreia – Ibile Holdings Limited (IBILE)
  231. Nigeria – New Nigeria Development Company (NNDC)
  232. Niue – Niue Development Bank (NDB)
  233. Northern Cyprus – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Development Bank (TRNC)
  234. Norway – Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries (NORTFUND)
  235. Norway – The Norwegian Agency for Local Governments (KBN)
  236. Oman – Oman Development Bank (ODB)
  237. Oman – Oman Housing Bank (OHB)
  238. Pakistan – Pak-Kuwait Investment Company (PakKuwait)
  239. Pakistan – Pak-Oman Investment Company (PakOman)
  240. Pakistan – Saudi-Pak Industrial and Agriculture (SaudiPak)
  241. Pakistan – Pak-Brunei Investment Company (PakBrunei)
  242. Pakistan – Pak-Libya Holding Company (PakLibya)
  243. Pakistan – Pak-China Investment Company (PakChina)
  244. Pakistan – House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC)
  245. Pakistan – PAIR Investment Company Limited (PICL)
  246. Pakistan – Industrial Development Bank (IDBP)
  247. Palau – National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP)
  248. Panama – National Mortgage Bank of Panama (BHN)
  249. Panama – Agricultural Development Bank (BDA)
  250. Papua New Guinea – National Development Bank of Papua New Guinea (NDB)
  251. Paraguay – Agriculture Enabling Credit (CAH)
  252. Paraguay – National Development Bank (BNF)
  253. Paraguay – Development Finance Agency (AFD)
  254. Paraguay – Livestock Fund (FG)
  255. Paraguay – Mivivienda Fund (FMV)
  256. Peru – The Development Bank of Peru (COFIDE)
  257. Peru – Agricultural Bank (AGROBANCO)
  258. Philippines – PAG-IBIG Fund (PAG-IBIG)
  259. Philippines – Philippines Guarantee Corporation (PHILGUARANTEE)
  260. Philippines – Small Business Corporation (SBCorp)
  261. Philippines – Small Business Corporation (SBCorp)
  262. Philippines – Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA)
  263. Al-Amanah Islamic Investment Bank of the Philippines (AAIIBP)
  264. Poland – Bank of National Economy of Poland (BGK)
  265. Portugal – Society for the Financing of Development (SOFID)
  266. Portugal – Investment Company S.A.
  267. Portugal- Financial Development Institution (IFD)
  268. Qatar – Qatar Development Bank (QDB)
  269. Russian Federation – VEB.RF – State Development Corporation (VEB.RF)
  270. Fund for Assistance to Small Business Lending in Moscow (FSECA)
  271. Rwanda – Development Bank of Rwanda
  272. Saint Kitts and Nevis – Development Bank of Saint Kitts and Nevis
  273. Saint Lucia -Saint Lucia Development Bank
  274. Samoa – Development Bank of Samoa (DBS)
  275. Samoa – Samoa Housing Coporation (SHC)
  276. Saudi Arabia – National Development Fund of Saudi Arabia (NDFSA)
  277. Saudi Arabia – Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF)
  278. Saudi Arabia – Saudi Agricultural Development Fund (ADF)
  279. Saudi Arabia- Real Estate De<velopment Fund (REDF)
  280. Saudi Arabia – Social Development Fund (SDB)
  281. Senegal – National Bank for Economic Development (BNDE)
  282. Senegal – Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Sénégal (CDCSenegal)
  283. Senegal – The Agricultural Bank (CNCAS)
  284. Serbia – Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia (DFRS)
  285. Seychelles – Development Bank of the Seychelles (DBS)
  286. Seychelles – Housing Finance Company (HFC)
  287. Slovakia – Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank (SZRB)
  288. Slovenia – Slovenian Export and Development Bank (SIDBank)
  289. Slovenia – Slovenian Entreprise Fund (SEF)
  290. Slovenia – Slovenia Regional Development Fund (SRDF)
  291. Solomon Islands – Development Bank of Solomon Islands (DBSI)
  292. Somalia – Somali Development and Reconstruction Bank (SODEVBANK)
  293. South Africa – Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)
  294. South Africa – Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)
  295. South Africa – Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa (landbank)
  296. South Africa – Ithala Development Finance Corporation (Ithala)
  297. South Africa – National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC)
  298. South Africa – Small enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA)
  299. South Africa – National Empowerment Fund (NEF)
  300. Spain – Official Credit Institute (OCI)
  301. Spain – Spanish Financing Company for Development (COFIDES)
  302. Spain – Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF)
  303. Spain – Valencian Insitute of Finance (IVF)
  304. Sudan – Agricultural Bank of Sudan (ABS)
  305. Suriname – National Development Bank of Suriname N.V. (NOB)
  306. Sweeden – Almi Business Partner (ALMI)
  307. Sweden – Kommunivest (KSAIB)
  308. Sweden – Swedfund International AB (SWEDFUND)
  309. Switzerland – Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets (SIFEM)
  310. Thailand – Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC)
  311. Thailand – Government Housing Bank (GHBank)
  312. Thailand – Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG)
  313. Thailand – Secondary Mortage Corporation (SMC)
  314. Tanzania – TIB Development Bank (TIB)
  315. Tanzania – Tanzanian Agriculture Development Bank (TADB)
  316. Tonga – Tonga Development Bank (TDB)
  317. Trinidad & Tobago – Agricultural Development Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (ADB)
  318. Tunisia – Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Tunisia (CDCTunisie)
  319. Tunisie – Caisse des Prêts et de Soutien des Collectivités Locales (CPSDL)
  320. Türkiye – Bank of Provinces (IIBank)
  321. Türkiye – Industrial Development Bank of Turkiye (TSKB)
  322. Türkiye – Development Investment Bank of Türkiye (DIBT)
  323. Tuvalu – Development Bank of Tuvalu (DBT)
  324. Uganda – Uganda Development Bank (UDB)
  325. United Arab Emirates – Emirates Development Bank (EDB)
  326. United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD)
  327. United Kingdom – British Investment Investment (IIB)
  328. United Kingdom – British Business Bank (BBB)
  329. United Kingdom – UK Infrastructure Bank (UKIB)
  330. United Kingdom . Development Bank of Wales (DBW)
  331. United Kingdom – Scottish National Investment Bank (SNIB)
  332. Uruguay – Mortgage Bank of Uruguay (BHU)
  333. National Development Agency (ANDE)
  334. Uzbekistan – Fund for Reconstruction and Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan (UFRD)
  335. USA – US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)
  336. USA – US Small Business Administration (SBA)
  337. USA – Freddie Mac
  338. USA – Fannie Mac
  339. USA – Albanian-American Entreprise Fund
  340. Uzbekistan – Fund for Reconstruction and Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan (UFRD)
  341. Vanuatu – Vanuatu Agricultural Development Bank (VADB)
  342. Venezuela – Bank of Economic and Social Development of Venezuela (BANDES)
  343. Vietnam – Vietnam Development Bank (VDB)
  344. Vietnam – Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP)
  345. Yemen – Cooperative and Agricultural Credit Bank (CACBank)
  346. Zambia – Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) – G-NEXID Member
  347. Zambia – Zambia Investment Holding (ZCCM-IH)
  348. Zambia – Industrial development Corporation Zambia (IDC)
  349. Zambia – Citizen Empowerment Commission (CEEC)
  350. Zimbabwe – Agricultural Bank of Zimbabwe (AgriBank)
  351. Zimbabwe – Small & Medium Enterprises Development Corporation (SMEDCO)
  352. Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe Women’s Microfinance Bank (ZWMB)
  353. Zimbabwe – Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited (IDC)
  354. Zimbabwe – Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBC)

Multilateral institutions

  1. African Development Bank Group
    1. African Development Bank (AfDB)
    2. African Development Fund (ASF)
    3. Nigeria Trust Fund (NTF)
  2. Africa Finance Corporation (AFC)
  3. African Guarantee and Economic Cooperation Fund (FAGACE)
  4. African Solidarity Fund (FSA)
  5. Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)
  6. Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development (AFSED)
  7. Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  8. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
  9. Bank of Alba (BANALBA)
  10. Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB)
  11. Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)
  12. Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)
  13. Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)
  14. Development Bank of Central African States (BDEAC) G-NEXID Member
  15. Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)
  16. Development Bank of the Great Lakes States (BDEGL)
  17. East African Development Bank (EADB)
  18. Eastern Caribbean Partial Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECPCGC)
  19. Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank Group (TDB Group)G-NEXID Member
    1. Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB)
    2. Trade and Development Fund (TDF)
    3. Eastern and Southern African Trade Advisers Limited (ESATAL)
    4. TDB Captive Insurance Company (TCI)
    5. TDB Academy
  20. Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Trade and Development Bank (ETDB)
  21. ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (EBID)G-NEXID Member
  22. Eurasian Development Bank (EDB)
  23. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  24. European Investment Bank Group
    1. European Investment Bank (EIB)
    2. European Investment Fund (EIF)
  25. Financial Fund for the Development of the Plata Basin (FONPLATA)
  26. GuarantCo Limited (GuaranteeCo Limited)
  27. InfraMed Infrastructure (INFRAMED)
  28. Inter-American Development Bank Group
    1. International-American Development Bank (IADB)
    2. IDB Invest (IDBInvest)
    3. IDB Lab
  29. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
  30. International Investment Bank (IIB)
  31. Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDB)
    1. Islamic Development Bank Institute (IsDBI)
    2. Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit (ICIEC) – G-NEXID Member
    3. Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD)
    4. International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC)
    5. World Waqf Foundation (WWF)
    6. The Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD)
  32. Maghreb Bank of Investment and Foreign Trade (BMICE))
  33. New Development Bank (NDB)
  34. Nordic Investment Fund (NDF)
  35. Nordic Investment Bank (NIB)
  36. North American Development Bank (NADB)
  37. OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)
  38. Pacific Islands Development Bank (PIDB)
  39. Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG)
    1. PIDG TA
    2. InfraCo Africa
    3. InfraCo Asia
    4. Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF)
    5. GuarantCo
  40. The Company for Habitat and Housing in Africa (Shelter A)
  41. West African Development Bank (BOAD)
  42. World Bank Group (WBG)
    1. International Finance Corporation (IFC)
    2. Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
    3. International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
    4. The World Bank (World Bank)
      1. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
      2. International Development Association