African Export-Import Bank


The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) was established in Abuja in October 1993 by African Governments, African private and institutional investors as well as non-African financial institutions and private investors for the purpose of financing, promoting and expanding intra-African and extra-African trade. The Bank was established under the twin constitutive instruments of an Agreement signed by member States and multilateral organizations, and which confers on the Bank the status of an international multilateral organization; as well as a Charter, governing its corporate structure and operations, signed by all Shareholders.

The Bank, headquartered in Cairo, the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, commenced operations on 30 September 1994, following the signature of a Headquarters Agreement with the host Government in August 1994.

The Bank has branch offices in Abidjan, Abuja, Harare, Kampala, and Yaoundé.

Vision: To be The Trade Finance Bank for Africa.

Mission Statement: To stimulate a consistent expansion, diversification and development of African trade while operating as a first-class, profit-oriented, socially responsible financial institution and a centre of excellence in African trade matters.

Strategic pillars (2022-2026)

  • Intra-African Trade and AfCTFA Implementation
  • Industrialisation and Export Development
  • Leadership in Global Trade Banking in Africa
  • Financial Sustainability


The Bank has four categories of shareholders, namely:

  • CLASS “A” – African governments, central banks, African regional and sub-regional institutions.
  • CLASS “B” – African private investors and financial institutions.
  • CLASS “C” – Non-African financial institutions, export credit agencies and private investors.
  • CLASS “D” – New category created in December 2012, under which any person or entity can be allotted shares.

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