Third Exchange Programme (Indonesia Eximbank)

Group photo in Bali, 8 October 2018

Bali, 9 October 2018 – The Exchange Programme –the third exchange programme of G-NEXID after the Export-Import Bank of India’s in 2016 and the Brazilian Development Bank’s in 2017– organised by Indonesia Eximbank for G-NEXID members successfully concluded on 9 October 2018 after 6 days of fruitful exchanges in Jakarta and Bali.

Driven by G-NEXID’s objective to facilitate cooperation among export-import banks and development finance institutions in support of South-South trade, investment and project finance, the programme aimed at familiarising participants with Indonesia Eximbank’s financing facilities, in addition to providing opportunity for fruitful interactions with the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and the central bank of Indonesia, Bank Indonesia. It also featured presentations from major Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises (PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia – Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund, PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur – PT SMI, PT Wijaya Karya –WIKA) and included the site visit to Jakarta’s metro under construction (a major infrastructure project of WIKA).

Benefiting from the presence of 11 G-NEXID members (in addition to Indonesia Eximbank: African Export-Import Bank, Brazilian Development Bank, Central African States Development Bank, Development Bank of Zambia, Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank, ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development, Export-Import Bank of India, Export-Import Bank of Ghana, Nigerian Export-Import Bank, and Saudi Export Program), the programme included the Network’s 13th Annual General Assembly, and the Steering Committee Meeting.

Under the overarching theme “The Perfect Time to Enhance Emerging Economies’ Cooperation in Trade”, G-NEXID members participated in two host country side panel discussions of the 2018 International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Group (WBG) Annual Meetings organised by Indonesia Eximbank on “Global E-Commerce in Emerging Markets: Growth, Challenges and Opportunities” and “The Growing Importance of South-South Cooperation Amid Trade Tensions and Global Financial Market Volatility”.

Resulting from these exchanges, and in spirit of the legacy of the 1955 Asian-African Conference (Bandung Conference), further opportunities for South-South cooperation were discussed, notably lines of credit and co-financing between G-NEXID members.

G-NEXID members also participated in other high-level meetings, including the joint panel of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) on “Financial Inclusion and Trade: Reducing the Global Trade Finance Gap” that took place in the context of the 2018 IMF/WBG Annual Meetings on 9 October.

The fourth exchange programme will be hosted by the Export-Import Bank of Ghana in 2019 and will involve other G-NEXID member institutions from West Africa.