Brazilian Development Bank


The Brazilian Development Bank 

The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) is the main financing agent for development in Brazil, offering several mechanisms for financial, technical and institutional support to Brazilian companies, enabling investments in all economic sectors. Such mechanisms guide and operationalize its efforts, employing an integrated vision of sustainable development.

The Bank is a federally-owned company connected to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

The BNDES has a longstanding commitment to infrastructure and industry, and also provides financing to goods and services exports, as well as operations abroad, seeking to offer Brazilian companies conditions equal to that of their competitors in the international market.

In 2013, a credit line for exports through partner banks was created. The BNDES Exim Automatic focuses on exports of capital goods and can be operated by banks in Latin America and Africa, which may be able to take importers corporate risk. The possibility for the BNDES to assume direct risk from the importer or exporter in some operations has contributed to expanding its efforts in other countries as well.

To accompany Brazilian companies in getting ahead in international markets and to boost opportunities, the BNDES has adopted a strategy which involves establishing international offices. In 2013, a representative office was inaugurated in Johannesburg, South Africa, the main industrial and financial center in Africa. The facilities have served as a reference point to Brazilian companies that seek opportunities on that continent and aim to increase foreign trade and business between African countries and Brazil.

BNDES foresees a strong potential for bilateral and even multilateral trade with Latin America and Africa in the coming years. Not only providing funds for the development of the regions, but also sharing with the countries the sound experience of BNDES in financing infrastructure and industry to enable the expansion of investments in Brazil. In this sense, we assume that we might be likely to compromise interests and join efforts with financial institutions currently operating in Latin America and Africa in different levels, namely: international organizations, export credit agencies, multilateral banks, regional development banks, and local banks.

BNDES definitely wants to take part in every important initiative that demands the presence of Brazilian goods, services or investments in Latin America and Africa.

The BNDES’ financial strength is essential in continuing these multiple development efforts. Another fundamental part is the governance structure characterized by a set of policies, procedures and collective decisions, ranging from the funding request application up to its approval, as well as appraisals submitted to a system of checks and balances, revealing the decisive validation of its Professional staff.


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