Development Bank of Namibia


Launched in 2004, the Development Bank of Namibia fosters, empowers and finances bold new ventures. It provides the financial tools that allow businesses and ventures to grow and create new jobs. It also funds public and private projects that generate jobs and revenue – investments for now and for the future. Development Bank of Namibia is dedicated to investing in growth and capital but it’s not only economic growth; it’s also human growth and capital—Namibia and Namibians realizing a rich, rewarding, and vibrant future. It is this investment and commitment that can help strengthen Namibia.


The Development Bank of Namibia mobilizes investment capital and facilitates national and international co-operation among public and private entities as well as community organizations in the planning and implementation of larger scale projects capable of delivering sustainable economic growth as well as social development in the form of human capital development and empowerment to Namibia.


The Development Bank of Namibia strives to be recognized for the unquestionable impact it has on sustainable socio-economic development and transformation in Namibia.

It strives to attain its vision through:

  • Being an effective mobiliser of capital for development projects with proven potential.
  • Bringing innovative development products and services to market.
  • Forging valuable development products and services to market.
  • Developing human capital in the economic sphere through supporting capacity building.

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